WATCH: Best friends sneak into a movie theater dressed as one person

Photo credit: Bored Panda
  • Two friends in the United States sneak into a movie theater dressed as one person
  • The two friends disguised themselves as one very fat person
  • One of them hid inside the other’s shirt and pretended to be one extremely huge belly

Friends do a lot of crazy stuff together all the time.  However, two pranksters in the United States took the craziness to a whole new level when they achieved their lifelong-long dream of sneaking into a movie theater as one person – an extremely fat person, that is.

According to a story by Jonathan Keshishoglou on Mashable, the pranksters were Bo Johnson and his best buddy, Matthew, who uploaded a video detailing their epic adventure onto YouTube.

Their plan was one of them will hide inside the other’s shirt disguised as an unusual, awkward-looking, extremely fat guy while they purchase one movie ticket and go inside the movie house as one person.

It is obviously an insane plan, and one that you only see in cartoons (although it is normally kids standing on top of the other to look like a very tall adult). You do not really expect someone doing it in real life.

In the video, the fearless duo can be seen trying varied ways to fit into very large clothing while passing as only one person.

At first, they seem to have difficulty finding the right position to do it. Finally, however, they found the perfect approach to their impish problem.

According to an article on My Joy Online, after a couple failed attempts, one of the two men manages to cling to the other’s chest, wrapping his legs around his buddy’s waist. A large shirt and track jacket are then placed on top, making the giant bulge resemble a massive belly.

From that point forward, they had to rely on the theory that no one would have the guts to ask a large man if he was secretly two people.

Watch the hilarious video below and see if you and best friend can also successfully do it. Maybe this trick can save you some money during movie nights.