BFFs? Binay, Duterte and Roxas sit together, chat amicably before debate

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Three presidential rivals sit together, enjoy some civil moments before presidential debate
  • Commenters say it’s proof Philippine politics really just one big circus
  • Background of photograph also questioned due to wrong placement of words

MANILA, Philippines – Are they just taking the public for a ride?

Shared by the Philippine Daily Inquirer is a photograph showing a rare moment of civility between presidential rivals Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and former interior secretary Mar Roxas just before the commencement of the presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro City.

According to PDI, it was the Vice President who asked Duterte and Roxas if he could sit beside them inside the holding room in CDO’s Capitol University.

Tabi-tabi naman tayo,” he said. [Let’s sit together.]

The trio chatted amicably and shook hands during their short time together.

According to some who saw the picture, it proves that Philippine politicians are just “plastic” and like to engage in “bola-bolahan”.

Indeed, the civility would later disappear during the debate as Roxas clashed with Binay and Duterte over several issues.

The Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer has been engaged in word wars with the mayor and Vice President for months. Duterte, on the other hand, has remained on good terms with Binay despite the accusations of graft and corruption hounding the latter.

Wrong Placement?

Aside from the candidates, some who saw the picture also pointed out the wrong placement of the words in the background.

Instead of “Pinasayang Pinoy”, the words were chopped up to look like “Pinas Sayang Pinoy” — giving the line a totally different meaning.

Still, some pointed out that the wrongly-placed or wrong spelling of the word ‘pinasayang’ fits perfectly with the picture of the three politicians to emphasize the circus-like atmosphere of Philippine politics.