‘Bayot kayo!’ Duterte tells cowardly critics he’s not like them, has the political will to impose his plans

Photo Credit: Cebu Daily News
  • Mayor twits critics who say he can’t meet his six-month anti-crime and corruption deadline
  • He tells them he has the political will to see things through
  • He says unlike his fearful foes, he has no qualms about killing or dying to meet his goal

MANILA, Philippines – For Rodrigo Duterte, getting things done is all about the will— a quality he says his opponents sorely lack.

Dressing down his critics who think his self-imposed deadline of ridding crime and corruption in the first six months of his presidency is impossible during a farmer’s meet, the tough-talking mayor hit back and said it was because they did not have any guts like him.

“Sabi ng mga kalaban ko, imposible raw. Kasi bayot kayo!” he said.

 [“My opponents say it’s impossible. Because they are gay!”]

While Duterte admitted to his audience the deadline may be hard, he could accomplish it because he has the political will to see things through.

Hindi nila kaya. Kasi alam mo mga ‘yan takot mapreso. Takot magkamali, takot pumatay, takot mamatay. Kasi bakit, mayaman. Ang mga mayaman, takot mamatay, nawiwili sa pera,” Rappler quoted him as telling the audience.

[“They can’t do it. They are afraid of going to jail. They are afraid of committing mistakes, afraid of killing and afraid of dying. Why? Because they are rich. The rich are scared to d*e because they are stuck up on their money.”]

As for him, Duterte said he would not mind dying in the process to meet his goal because he has prepared himself for any eventuality.

“Tayo, anumang wilihin natin, we can go anytime, wala naman tayong pera,” he said.

[“We, whatever we wish, we can go anytime, we don’t have any money.”]