Online poll: Duterte wins presidential debate, Binay bottom dweller

Photo Credit: Rappler
  • Rappler poll shows online community placing Duterte as overwhelming winner in debate
  • Binay meanwhile gets last place in the polls
  • Davao City mayor also generates the most number of tweets among the candidates

MANILA, Philippines – For the online community, Rodrigo Duterte won the first presidential debate by a landslide.

According to participants of an online poll by Rappler, the tough-talking mayor of Davao City convincingly won all three rounds of the recently-concluded debate in Cagayan de Oro City and gave off the best closing statement among the candidates.

Duterte garnered a total of 2,675 votes to take first place in the poll, with Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago a far second with 798 votes.

Closely following the feisty senator at third place was Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas who took 736 votes.

Meanwhile, Sen. Grace Poe landed in fourth place with 520 votes.

As for Vice President Jejomar Binay, only 76 voters believe he won the debate.

Twitter Too

Aside from convincing the online community that he won the debate, Duterte also turned out to be the most-talked about candidate on Twitter during the debate.

According to GMA News, Duterte’s name popped up in some 322,000 tweets or around 35 percent of the total number generated during the event.

Binay on the other hand came in at second place, with 212,000 tweets or 27 percent mentioning his name.

Coming in at third place and fourth place were Roxas with 78,000 tweets or 14 percent and Poe with 69,000 or 13 percent respectively.

Surprisingly enough, Santiago—known to be popular online— generated only 65,000 tweets or 11 percent for last place.

Two more debates are in store for the presidential candidates, with the second leg scheduled for March 20 to be held in the Visayas.

The third one will be held in Luzon on April 24.

Source :

Rappler, GMA News