Enrile praises Pacquiao’s stand, tells LGBTS who want same-s*x marriage to “go to Mars”

Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin/Christian Post
  • Senator backs Manny Pacquiao’s opposition to same-s*x marriage
  • He says he cannot support marriage between same-s*x couples because it’s unnatural
  • He tells those who want it they can all transfer to another planet
  • He also says he does not fear backlash from the LGBT community over his words

MANILA, Philippines – Maybe that’s his version of hell.

Backing up embattled boxer Manny Pacquiao over his opposition to same-s*x marriage, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile said he too could never support something as unnatural as the union of the same sexes.

“I can never support it, that’s unnatural. For me, I will not make it (statement) that strong but it’s unnatural,” he told GMA News.

Praising Pacquiao for his stand, Enrile suggested those who want to legalize same-s*x marriage should instead transfer to another planet.

Tama si Pacquiao. Kung ipipilit ng mga LGBT groups ang same-s*x marriage, mainam pa na pumunta sila sa planetang Mars,” he said. [Pacquiao is correct. If LGBT groups really want same-s*x marriage, they should just go to planet Mars]

Enrile also told the boxer not to fear losing votes because he still has the backing of majority of Filipinos.

Nakita ko galaw ng tao, panalo yan, maski anong batikos mo sa kaniya. Panalo yan. Ang kanya, masa ng Pilipinas. Yan ang nakakarami,” he said. [I have felt the people’s sentiments, he will win no matter what criticism can be thrown at him. The masses of the Philippines are on his side, they are the majority.]

As for himself generating controversy over his statements, Enrile said he couldn’t care less if the LGBT community despises him for his statements.

Eh tanong ko sa kanila kung babanatan ako,” he said. “Sasabihin ko sa kanila, sira nga ulo ninyo. Anong ginagawa ninyo? Hindi naman kayo Diyos.” [What’s it to me if they bash me? I will just tell them, you are all crazy. What are you doing? You are not God]