Internet darlings: 2 adopted kittens are inseparable since day 1

Photo credit: Yukhtina Anya
  • Two cute ginger kittens are now receiving likes and favorites from social media users
  • The felines were adopted when they were only kittens and had been inseparable since then
  • They play together, watch movie together, hug each other while sleeping

Two adopted ginger kittens, which are inseparable since their first day in the house of their owner, have been receiving likes and favorites from social media users who find their brotherly closeness too cute to resist.

In an article written by Julia Televiciute of Bored Panda, it was disclosed that a producer and event manager from Moscow, Russia,  Anya Yukhtina, has stumbled upon two tiny ginger kittens in a garden. That time, the kittens were very little and just a few days old.

Since the brothers were way too fragile for the world out there, Yukhtina decided to take them home. She fed the little creatures every four hours, cleaned them, and kept them warm and safe. With a lot of hard work, and with all the love she gave to them, the two kittens became healthy and lovely.

And now, when they have been with her for over eight months, these kittens have been capturing the sight and hearts of people online; as they notice how inseparable these brothers are by just looking at the photographs that are being uploaded by Yukhtina.

“I’m crying from cuteness!” @sayoria_ commented.

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As of posting, the owner’s Instagram now has over 22,000 followers.