KC defends ‘Kuya Manny’: He’s just human, after all

  • KC Concepcion says she is willing to forgive Manny if his apology is sincere
  • Concepcion believes it was an honest mistake on Manny’s part to compare same-sex couples to animals
  • The actress-host adds she will try to remember everything the Filipino champ did for the country

MANILA, Philippines – Amid a flurry of criticisms Manny Pacquiao received from a number of celebrities and the LGBT community over his homophobic remarks that compared same-sex couples to animals, the Sarangani congressman found another ally in actress KC Concepcion.

In an interview with reporters on Thursday, February 18, at her relaunching as Brand Ambassador of Natural Looks cosmetic products, Concepcion said Manny deserves forgiveness from those he may have offended; being someone who has brought great honor to the country and its people.

While Concepcion sympathizes with her friends in the LGBT circle, she said she is willing to forgive ‘Kuya Manny’ if his apology proved to be a sincere one.

“I have loved ones in the LGBT community that have their own feelings about the issue. They have been very good to me and their friends and their families. I love them and I feel for them,” InterAksyon’s Edwin P. Sallan quoted the 30-year-old actress-host as saying.

 Concepcion added: “[But] as a Filipino, I will just try to remember everything that Kuya Manny did for our country.”

She also believes it was an honest mistake on Pacquiao’s part; and since the eight-division titlist has already apologized, she hopes he will find a way to sort it out with memberso of the LGBT.

“Kuya Manny is just human after all. We look at him as a superhero but we forget that even superheroes can be human,” Concepcion explained. “He does have many fans there who supported him during the time when he made us proud to be a Filipino.”

While Manny was chastised by openly-gay celebrities such as Vice Ganda, Aiza Seguerra, Boy Abunda and even by controversial blogger Perez Hilton and gay boxer Orlando Cruz, a few have come forward to defend him from scathing criticisms.

One of whom is actor Robin Padilla who, despite not agreeing with Manny’s opinion on homosexuality, remains supportive of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial bet.

“My support to you will not change I still believe in your heart…. Listen to it and trust it always….. It will never mislead a HERO,” Padilla wrote on Instagram.