No Valentine’s Day celebration for Ara Mina; actress shares traumatic experience on Feb. 14

Photo credit: Push
  • Actress Ara Mina does not celebrate Valentine’s Day because of a traumatic experience
  • A former boyfriend abused her in the past on February 14
  • Ara will just spend quality time with daughter Amanda Gabrielle

Because of being abused on the day which is supposed to be a date to celebrate love, actress Ara Mina revealed that she does not celebrate Valentine’s Day as she has long associated February 14 with the traumatic experience she had with an ex-boyfriend.

In an article written by Rhea Manila Santos of Push, it was disclosed that Ara shared her experience during the red carpet premiere of “Girlfriend For Hire.” The 36-year-old star said she experienced physical abuse from a former boyfriend on Valentine’s Day when she was young.

Kasi medyo naging parang traumatic sa akin yung Valentine’s Day eh. Kasi nung medyo in my younger days medyo nagkaroon ako ng boyfriend nun na parang physically abusive [I’ve associated Valentine’s Day with a traumatic experience. During my younger days, I had an abusive boyfriend],” she revealed.

So hindi talaga ako nagse-celebrate ng Valentine’s. Until after ilang years, doon lang ako naka-recover and parang nakikipag-Valentine’s na ako sa boyfriend ko [I stopped celebrating Valentine’s since then. Until after a few years, I recovered and celebrated the day with my boyfriend that time],” she added.

Good thing, after many years, Ara has moved on; though she still does not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Wala na yun, past is past. Kaya lang for the longest time matagal akong hindi nagse-celebrate ng Valentine’s Day. Parang medyo nako-corny-han ako [I’ve moved on from the experience, past is past. But for the longest time, I didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I find it not so cool],” she said.

This February 14, instead of going on a date, Ara said she will spend quality time with Amanda Gabrielle, her daughter with politician Patrick Meneses.

Girlfriend for Hire

Girlfriend For Hire is the movie adaptation of the hit Wattpad novel with more than 68 million reads.

The romance-comedy movie marks the third team-up of the YanDre (Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras) tandem, which was introduced in the 2014 blockbuster Diary ng Panget with JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre).

In the film, Yassi plays Nami Shanaia San Jose, a first year working student who lives with her aunt and two cousins; while Andre is Bryle Caleb Stanford, a rich, arrogant grandchild of the Stanford family.

The romantic spin comes in when Bryle hires orphaned poor girl Nami to pretend as his girlfriend to avoid his grandfather’s plan of marrying him off to a woman he doesn’t love.

In exchange for Nami’s service, Bryle gives her a posh condo unit and a fat weekly salary but with this catch — She’s not allowed to fall in love with him.