Prof warns: Excessive online posting of PDAs and relationship statuses a sign of insecurity

Photo Credit: Daily Mail
  • Sociology professor cites study, says people who post excessively about their relationships are insecure
  • She tells public posting online to get validation from others is not the right cure for one’s insecurities
  • She says couples who feel secure about their relationship have no need to publicize it online

MANILA, Philippines – As always, too much of anything is unhealthy.

Citing a 2014 study of how people with insecurities tend to post a lot more of their personal lives on social media to get validation from others, Far Eastern University (FEU) sociology professor Fe Atanacio-Blas said the same principle applies to couples who post excessively about their relationships online.

“Those who excessively post in social media, especially pertaining to displays of affection are narcissistic and not normal,” she told ABS-CBN.

According to the professor, while posting about one’s love life from time to time is not bad per se, those who excessively post in social media platforms like Facebook in hopes of getting ‘likes’ are just doing so to compensate for their real-world insecurities.

“One of those signs of insecurity is you don’t know how to address it. And then all of a sudden, there is now an easy platform to cure that insecurity,” she said. “Usually ‘yung mga taong ganun, wala silang ipagmamalaki kundi kung anong meron sila. The more that they show more things in Facebook, that only means that’s the only thing that they have, nothing more.”

Yung ego nadagdagan sa kada ‘likes,’ para bang you just fueled the fire and then say ‘ay, magpo-post pa ako ng marami because people tend to like it,’” she added.

In the end, Blas said couples who feel secure in their relationship really have no need to express it online and should in fact keep it even more private.