Watch: Brave traffic enforcer resists driver’s name-drop and bribe attempt, busts him for violation

Photo Credit: Lenard Bernardo
  • Viral video shows colorum driver attempting to bribe and blackmail traffic enforcer who caught him
  • Driver claims he works for Sen. JV Ejercito, threatens enforcer with loss of his job
  • Enforcer does not budge, presents him a ticket for violating traffic rules
  • Senator issues statement, denies driver is connected with him

MANILA, Philippines – If he thought name-dropping Sen. JV Ejercito could get him off the hook, then he’s so dead wrong.

Currently making waves on social media is the Facebook video uploaded by a certain Lenard Bernardo showing a brave traffic enforcer issuing a ticket to a colorum driver he busted for picking up passengers in a no-loading zone despite the latter’s bribe and blackmail attempts.

It is not known if Bernardo is the traffic enforcer himself.

In the video, the driver — a man named Jun — can be heard claiming he knows and works for Ejercito even as he initially refused to hand over his license to the enforcer. He can also be heard threatening the enforcer with the loss of his job which he then follows up with a bribe attempt.

Unfortunately for him, however, the undaunted officer told him he wouldn’t mind losing his job.

“It’s okay, I’m used to being unemployed,” he can be heard telling Jun.

In the end, the enforcer succeeded in getting the driver’s license so he could write him a ticket.

The enforcer’s actions earned him the admiration of the online community and even reached Ejercito who issued a statement denying Jun’s supposed connections with him.

“To those asking, Jun – the man caught on cam brazenly violating traffic rules and apprehended by a traffic officer – is in no way connected to me and my Senate office. Yes, Jun is a resident of San Juan. But he was never part of my staff. It is unfortunate that he had to name drop me and my office just to get away with a traffic violation. Just want to make this clear with the video going viral in social media,” read his statement on Facebook.