UN Security Council condemns North Korea for its rocket launch

  • The UN Security Council strongly condemns the latest rocket launch by North Korea
  • North Korea maintains the rocket launch was done to put a new satellite in orbit
  • The UN body said it would soon draft a resolution imposing additional sanctions on Pyongyang

The United Nations (UN) Security Council gathered for a meeting in its headquarters in New York and went out to strongly condemn North Korea for its latest launch of a long-range rocket.

In addition, the Security Council said it would soon draw out a resolution that would slap additional sanctions on the isolationist nuclear nation in response to its unauthorized rocket launch.

Although the government in Pyongyang said the rocket launch was in order to put a new satellite into orbit in space, security experts believe that it was actually testing its ballistic missile technology.

Following the closed-door meeting, the Security Council called the actions made by North Korea “a serious violation” of previous resolutions. So far a draft resolution that would impose sanctions on Pyongyang has been drawn out by Japan, South Korea, and the United States.

“[The United Nations must] come up with something tough. There can be no business as usual,” said US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, as quoted by the BBC.

While the 15-member Security Council has indicated agreement on a resolution condemning the launch, there was still no clear indication if China would back proposals for stronger sanctions to the already weakened North Korean economy.

China has been known as Pyongyang’s closest benefactor.

“[The Security Council must adpot] a new resolution that will do the work of reducing tensions, of working toward denuclearization, of maintaining peace and stability, and of encouraging a negotiating solution,” said Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi.

Meanwhile, another North Korean ally, Russia, said there should be “reasonable resolution” that should temper any tensions while ensuring that the country’s economy would not collapse.

Russia also says it hopes that  six-party talks on Korean denuclearization would resume soon, although it admits that actions by North Korea indicate that the country was being “very unreasonable.”