US airstrikes destroy ISIS’ “Voice of the Caliphate” radio station – Report

Left: An old Afghani listening to an ISIS radio broadcast from the province of Nangarhar
  • US airstrikes reportedly destroyed an ISIS-operated radio facility in Afghanistan
  • The FM radio station broadcasting from a remote Afghan province is dubbed as the “Voice of the Caliphate”
  • The bomb raids also damaged the terror group’s internet equipment and k****d 29 ISIS militants

It took only two successive US airstrikes to destroy an Islamic State-operated radio station dubbed as the “Voice of the Caliphate” in the remote part of Afghanistan, this was confirmed both by American and Afghan officials on Tuesday, February 2.

The bomb raids also reportedly k****d 29 ISIS militants and shattered what the officials believe could be an internet equipment used by the jihadists for their online activities.

CNN reported that the US airstrikes were conducted over the province of  Nangarhar late Monday.

Ataullah Khogyani, spokesperson for the province’s governor, confirmed to CNN the destruction of the FM radio station facility operated by ISIS on the capital of Jalalabad.

He also revealed that 8 of the ISIS militants who were k****d were members of the group operating the radio and  internet facility of the Sunni extremists.

In a separate statement, U.S. Army Col. Mike Lawhorn, spokesman for the US-NATO troops in Afghanistan said that “U.S. forces conducted two counter-terrorism airstrikes in Achin district” but declined to give further details.

The radio station that was destroyed was built sometime in 2015 amid the growing ISIS presence in the war-torn country which has been beset by Taliban insurgency for decades.

Although both ISIS and Taliban claims to be Islamist jihadists, a widening rift caused by a running dispute over  control and leadership in the area prevented them from merging into one group.

ISIS has been increasing its presence in the country’s border with Pakistan over the past months, prompting the US government to include its affiliate group in Afghanistan  in the list of notorious international  terrorist organization.

The latest US airstrike in Afghanistan signals America’s unwavering campaign against ISIS, and in the process, a change in strategy and the rules of engagement in a country where military role has been steadily declining under the Obama presidency.