Watch: Duterte promises to provide leadership, not just platforms in debate’s closing statement

Image from Duterte Warriors' Facebook account
  • Davao City mayor highlights his role as a leader if he becomes president in his closing remarks
  • He says he will provide leadership and not just programs during his presidency
  • He adds he won’t hesitate to adopt the programs of his rivals if he finds them good

MANILA, Philippines – Just do it.

Emphasizing yet again his preference for action rather than words, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte promised Filipinos his presidency would provide leadership aside from just implementing programs and platforms.

“All of my opponents, they have presented their programs. I made short remarks, bullet remarks, all of these are platforms, (but) I can tell you now that I will provide the leadership. Not only the platforms, but leadership,” he said.

In saying he will provide the guidance, Duterte  —who reiterated he will do his utmost best to eradicate crime and corruption in government in three to six months as he promised — nevertheless added he’s always open to adopting the programs of his opponents if he finds them good.

“And maybe copy the best of their programs at ayusin ko [I’ll improve it],” he said. “What’s good in their programs, I will adopt it if it’s good.”

Walk, Not Talk

According to seasoned debater Nicole Curato, the debate essentially highlighted the mayor as a man who prefers to walk rather than talk.

“Part of the Duterte mystique is he doesn’t talk much. He will just make these promises that in three to six months…When you start unpacking that, when you start explaining that, it reduces the mystique, because he is about action, he is not about talk,” she told Rappler.

“His selling point is ‘I have the political will, I have the support, I can get things done in three to six months and if you give me the keys to this country then I’m going to pull it off,’” Glenn Tuazon, another veteran debater, added.