Read: Gab V. Defends ‘friend’ Grace Poe from viral meme asking why people should vote for her

Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Willy Ramasola
  • Son of Gary Valenciano came to Poe’s defense, called meme’s argument invalid
  • He reminded people about dual citizenship, says a real Filipino is a Filipino by blood, not by paper
  • He says technicalities should not be used to derail someone who wants to sincerely serve

MANILA, Philippines – Weighing in on a viral meme questioning people why they should vote for Sen. Grace Poe if her own husband cannot even vote for her, Gab Valenciano said technicalities should not be used to deter someone who sincerely wants to serve the people.

On his Facebook, Gab, the son of artist Gary Valenciano, reminded everyone that dual citizenship exists and that her family’s own American citizenship should not be taken against her.

“Sen. Grace is my friend above anything. And I defend my friends. So what if her husband is an American citizen. So what if her kids are keeping their American citizenship. Get with the times. There is something called dual citizenship. People who are well travelled and have spent time away from their hometown could have gained more insight, could have gained an understanding of what it means to advance any kind of system beyond the ‘Filipino way,’” he said.

Valenciano also blasted the existing double standards in the Filipino political system which have served as hindrances to someone like Poe who just wants to serve her country.

“Our political system is rotten to its core, and the whole world knows this. A true Filipino is Filipino by blood, not by paper. People move countries to expand their way of life, not relinquish their homeland. She purely and sincerely wants what’s best for our country and will do anything and everything to serve with the best of her ability, no strings or bs attached. That’s what I admire most about her. We Filipinos are so freaking fickle. We lambast and rebuke her yet have the balls to support someone who goes against a Filipino’s moral code. It’s an outrageous double standard that is so hypocritical, it’s sickening. Let’s disqualify the “inexperienced” candidate who doesn’t meet the requirements of residency and continue glorifying the corrupt, unscrupulous and indecent,” he said; adding he wasn’t paid to endorse but would just like to defend his friend from the hate he believes she doesn’t deserve.

“My issue here isn’t about who you want to vote for. Vote for who YOU personally believe in. That’s fine. But do not use these technicalities to question someone’s ability or inability to lead,” he said.

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