Japan train station that stayed open for a lone school girl closes down…after her graduation

Photo Credit: CCTV News
  • The remote Japanese station that stayed open for a student finally closed down
  • The story made headlines around the world after it was featured on a Facebook page
  • The train company was supposed to close the station down 3 years ago
  • They changed their mind and waited for the student to graduate this month

Remember the story of the remote train station in Hokkaido, Japan that stayed open for a single passenger – a school girl? Report said that it has finally closed down after the student graduated this month.

The story of the remote Kami-Shirataki station in the far north of Japan that continued to operate to accommodate a lone passenger went viral on social media early this year after it was featured on the Facebook page of CCTV News.

The story has it that Japan Railway initially planned to close the station down but eventually changed their mind after learning that a young girl uses it to go to her school everyday.

The article said the train would stop operation in the area only after the student, identified as Kana Harada, graduated this month.

True enough, the remote station indeed closed down on March 25, according to Rocket News 24.

Many people, including a handful of reporters and residents, also came over to witness the last ride from the Kami-Shirataki station on Friday. A simple ceremony was held at the station – which is actually no more than a worn-out wooden shed with a single bench.

A bouquet of flowers was offered, sitting on one side; while a paper banner that read, “Kyu-shirataki Station, 69 Years, Thank You” was seen hanging from its walls.

The people also gathered for a procession that signified the closing of a memorable chapter for the local people who paid their respects to the station for the last time.