UP History professors issue statement against Marcos deception

Photo by Ferdie Llanes
  • Professors of the History Department of the University of the Philippines issue a statement against the claims that martial law years under the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos marked the country’s golden age
  • UP professors warned about “deceptive nostalgia that never existed”
  • Professors urged electorate to be more discerning in choosing candidates

Another group belonging to the academe has issued their statement against the claims that martial law years under the late dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos marked the country’s golden age.

This time, it is the Professors of the Department of History of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman who issued a statement on Wednesday debunking the myth of the martial law years.

According to an article written by Aries Joseph Hegina of  Inquirer, the professors warned about the “deceptive nostalgia that never existed” in their statement.

“The darkness of dictatorship descended upon the Philippines when Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law in 1972 and the dictator ruled the nation with impunity,” the statement read.

“Great danger now lurks behind a deceptive nostalgia for a past that never really existed— that the Marcos years were a period of peace and prosperity. This is patently Marcos’ myth and deception. Under martial law, the country was plunged into a climate of repression and plunder and then into social crisis that exploded in the 1980s.”

The statement discredited some of the supposed benefits reaped under the Marcos regime with facts and figures. According to the statement, martial law enabled the birth of “crony oligarchy.” Furthermore, under “constitutional authoritarianism,” the older Marcos was able to secure his hold to power, the statement said.

The statement further disproved the claim that under the Marcos regime, the economy of the country prospered, saying that economic crises characterized the Marcos years.

The professors likewise controverted claims made by Marcos supporters that the Edsa revolution has stunted the country’s growth.

In conclusion, the professors urged the electorate to become more discerning in choosing leaders in the upcoming polls.

“The sad thing indeed that could happen is to fall for the trap of seeking a better society from a mythical ‘golden’ past. In that past, Marcos myth-making served to hide the power grab and greed of a Malakas at Maganda. Today, Marcos deception seeks to evade accountability. We reject deception and demand accountability!” the statement read.

The statement follows the statement issued by Ateneo professors slamming the younger Marcos for supposedly distorting history. The presidents of the five Ateneo universities also joined the call against Bongbog Marcos supposed distortion of history.