Is this why Duterte can eradicate crime in 3-6 months as promised?

  • Former After Image singer Wency Cornejo claims he was told why Duterte is capable of eradicating crimes in 3-6 months as promised
  • Cornejo said Duterte has already done his research as early as now
  • Commenters believed Cornejo’s source of information was no less than her journalist-mother

MANILA, Philippines – Many people including his rivals dismisses Mayor Duterte’s promise to eradicate the rampant criminality and drug problem in the country as simply nothing but ‘big words’ coming from someone who is running for a national post in the coming election.

In many of his interviews and campaign rallies, Duterte has been consistent in saying he will put his life and honor at stake just to ensure a crime-free Philippines.

The tough-talking mayor even went to the extent of vowing to quit – if he is elected President – his post if he failed to fulfill his promise within 6 months of his presidency.

But former After Image frontman Wency Cornejo believes Duterte didn’t just make bold pronouncement, but is actually one step ahead of his rivals – the reason why he is so confident in his declaration.

Cornejo, a Davao City resident, explained this in a Facebook post. He wrote:

“Someone in my family told me over lunch that #DUTERTE can say grandiose pronouncements such as “I will eradicate corruption in 3-6 months” because as early as now, he has probably already done the job of researching and finding out who and what to weed out in the government once he is already president. Take a guess sino nagsabi nyan [who said that].”

Cornejo suggested Duterte actually has a carefully-laid out plan to identify those he thinks need to be prosecuted immediately after assuming post in Malacañang long before he is elected.

Many commenters agreed with Cornejo’s assumption.

“In Duterte we Trust. He won’t declare such a thing if he hasn’t done his research and a plan in place. He’s probably been planting people/allies all over the country in the decades that he’s been in politics,” one said.

“Duterte is obviously a political genius as per statements of experts in politics … He is a 100 steps ahead of his opponents … that’s how clever our Mayor Duterte is,” added another.

As to where Cornejo probably got this information, netizens were unanimous in suggesting the source could be no less than Mel Tiangco, Cornejo’s mother who is a popular journalist and broadcaster.