Woman holding a child’s severed head a******d in Moscow

  • A woman holding a child’s severed head and threatening to blow herself up was a******d in Moscow
  • The woman was reportedly the m******d child’s nanny
  • A Russian official warns any parent to “check the nanny’s state of mental health” before hiring a babysitter

Russia’s child protection ombudsman issued a warning to any parent considering hiring a babysitter to “check the nanny’s state of mental health” after a woman was a******d for allegedly killing her ward in Moscow.

“Before hiring a nanny for your child, at least make sure of her mental state! After all, you are trusting her with the most valuable thing – a child’s life,” the Russian official said.

Eyewitnesses said the woman, clad in all-black, was spotted near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in northwest Moscow holding a small package and shouting “Allahu Akbar” – Arabic for God is Greatest – and threatening to blow herself up.

Gyulchehra Bobokulova, an Uzbek national believed to be in her late 30s, then pulled the severed head from the package and started waving it around for everybody to see.

She yelled “I am your d***h”, “I am a terrorist” and “I hate democracy” while she walked up and down outside the metro station for about twenty minutes.

“You have become so hardened. You have eliminated so many of us. Look I am a suicide bomber, I will d*e, doomsday will come in a second,” the woman said in Russian before police tackled her.

Initial investigations revealed that Bobokulova waited until the girl’s parents left their apartment with their elder child, and then, for motives unknown, k****d the girl, set fire to the apartment and left the scene.

The headless body of the girl was found by first responders from her family’s apartment unit gutted by fire.

Bobokulova was reportedly under the influence of drugs when she was a******d.

Adam Whitnall wrote in an article for Independent that she was placed under a psychiatric care to determine if she is capable of understanding her actions.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s head Imam Ildar Alyatdinov called on the public not to associate the brutal murder with Islam.

“We’re talking about an absolutely inadequate person, so it’s completely incorrect to associate these actions with Muslims and Islam just based on her dress or some kind of slogans,” the Imam said.