XJ Romualdo blasts ‘Dutertrolls’, says sabotage charges a cheap excuse for low turnout at rally

Photo Credit: XJ Romualdo
  • Camiguin representative denies family behind sabotage attempt of Duterte’s rally
  • He blasts accusers, says accusations just a convenient excuse to hide the low turnout in rally
  • He also downplays ‘warlordism’ tag, says locals are free to vote and campaign for the bets they want

MANILA, Philippines – Reacting to accusations his family was behind the purported attempt to sabotage Davao City Mayor Rodrigo’s sortie in their island province’s capital of Mambajao, Camiguin Rep. Xavier Jesus Romualdo shot back and said they were just being blamed to hide the low number of people who attended the rally.

“Cheap excuse just because they can’t produce a huge turnout,” he tweeted.

In a series of tweets, Romualdo described the mayor’s supporters as “Dutertrolls who are incredibly lame.”

Later on, however, Romualdo tweeted he won’t bother with the a*****s on his family anymore.

“Looks like the Dutertrolls got upset with how i trolled them back. Fine. I’ll just ignore from now on,” he tweeted.

In a text message to GMA News,  Romualdo — while again denying the claims of sabotage — downplayed the ‘warlordism’ tag heaped by Rodrigo Duterte on his family and said locals were very much free to campaign and vote for anyone they want.

“I heard about that. Not true. People in Camiguin are free to campaign for the candidates they support,” he said. “I believe they are just saying these malicious things because they couldn’t produce a big crowd for Mayor Duterte, who really isn’t very popular in Camiguin.”

Xavier Jesus’ father, Jurdin Jesus, is the governor of Camiguin while his mother, Ma. Luisa, is the mayor of Mambajao.

According to Jurding Jesus’ pro-Duterte brother Noordin Efigenio, it was indeed their family who tried to suppress the mayor’s sortie by cutting off the power supply and conducting medical missions on the day of the rally.