Angelica Panganiban says she’s been supporting Leni Robredo since day 1

Image by Angelica Panganiban via @iamangelicap's Instagram account
  • Actress Angelica Panganiban expressed support for vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo
  • She says she has been supporting the candidate since day 1
  • Panganiban posted a photo to show her support, gaining over 11,000 favorites on Instagram

Actress Angelica Panganiban has expressed support for vice presidential candidate Leni Robredo; saying she has been on her side since the very first day.

“Yes. Since day1. Vice President Leni,” Panganiban, with the username @iamangelicap on Instagram, captioned her photo.

The photo shows an image of the vice presidential candidate; while the words on the photo are “Manilenyo ako, si Leni ang VP ko. #LabanLeni #MNLForLeni.”

Leni, or Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo,  is a Filipino lawyer, social activist, and politician who has been serving as the representative of the Third District of Camarines Sur to the Philippine House of Representatives since 2013.

Leni emerged in the public eye when, former Naga Mayor and Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, died in 2012. Then a human rights lawyer, Leni was working that time for SALIGAN, which is an organization for alternative lawyering, offering her legal services and expertise to the poor and the marginalized sectors, especially in far-flung communities in the provinces.

On Panganiban’s post, a lot of Instagram users commented; expressing both support and criticisms, as well as opinions on who must be the president should Leni wins.

“Thanks @iamangelicap spread the words Leni for VP! Game changer! We dont get a chance to vote for an ideal public servant like her everyday! Salamat sa suporta [Thank you for your support]!” @azukolokoy expressed.

“Good choice @iamangelicap. Intelligent voters will likely go for Leni,” @yogahaus said.

“We could have a good father and mother of this country. Yes. Duterte-Leni,” wrote @itsmeaideline.

“Cayetano kami baka kokontra lang sya lagi kay Mayor Duterte [We will just vote for Cayetano? She might always disagree with Mayor Duterte]” said @addyb0426.

“Lenie is okay but she is not into federalism!” @d3ejay0601 stated.

“Big no for Daang Matuweed members! Bongbong for VP!” commented @samanthaassel.

While @shaiya_tm said: “Mahu-hurt si Heart niyan [Heart might be hurt], Angge.” To note, actress Heart Evangelista’s husband Chiz Escudero is Leni’s rival.

As of posting, Panganiban’s post has generated over 11,000 favorites.