Beauty queen chooses education over career, thankful she made a smart choice

Photo/Image Pageantology/Roxanne Joy Jesalva
  • Roxane Joy Jesalva was only 18 when she represented Bicol region during the Bb. Pilipinas 2012 pageant
  • As a teenager with beauty and grace, she was torn between choosing  to work and pursuing a degree
  • Being one of the 2016 graduates, she looks back, reminisces and concludes, she’s right in choosing Education

She would have conquered the world with her beauty and brains, having been crowned Mutya ng Magayon 2011; a pageant annually held in Albay. She also reigned as Miss Bicolandia 2011, which paved the way for her to become  an official Bb Pilipinas 2012 candidate at the age of 18.

She would have continued pursuing her career in the pageantry world or would have been somebody in the modelling career had she chosen to become one, but she opted to choose education.

Roxane Joy Jesalva is one of the 2016 graduates who’s looking back on the choice she made.

Posting on her Facebook page, she said, “Three  years ago I was a person who thinks that not getting a degree is okay. I was working, I was earning and it was enough. I was torn between earning more and going back to school. And I chose the latter.”

Reminiscing the phase in her life wherein she was faced in a dilemma, she recounted,  “After getting my grades checked, after talking with various people, I got in,” as she refers to how her decision was made into reality.

Talking more about her decision and her days in the university, she said,  “That was the happiest day of my life, it was a dream come true. I studied diligently and complied with all the requirements asked. I cried yes, during our FS days, I cried a bucket. But my two years was more on smiles and happiness.”

Facing a new beginning and giving back to those who have been part of her life, she said, “And now I have reached the finish line in my college days. I owe this to a lot of people.”

Acknowledging the people who made things possible for her, she thanked her family, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends who stood by her during the challenges she went through saying, “Thank you so much! for my friends who constantly reminded me that I’ll be able to finish it, I just have to hold on.”

Graduating with distinction she was overjoyed to share her thoughts saying, “Having finish the race is great, finishing it with flying colors is more than what I asked for, God gave it to me. Being right here, right now is a mixture of awesome ideas, decisive decisions, stupid mistakes, a bucket full of tears, a laughter in the morning, a tap in the back, a hug from a friend and an unending prayers to Him. God is Great!”

Comments from people who knew her undertakings

A comment coming from one of her closest friends reminisced Roxane Joy Jesalva’s humble beginnings as it stated, “Congrats Roxane Joy Jesalva! I’m proud of You! Naalala ko noong high school  ka pa. Sa mga kuwento ng buhay n’yo. How lucky you are now? Naabot mo ang mga pangarap. Noon basang sisiw tayo. Akala natin wala nang pagbabago sa buhay pero ngayon tumingala ka at magpasalamat sa taas. Congrats! God bless you!

(Congrats Roxane Joy Jesalva! I’m proud of You! I remember when you were still in high school. The stories of your life. How lucky you are now? You have reached your dreams. Before we were helpless. We thought our lives will not change but now you look up and thank God for that, Congrats! God bless you! )

A proud relative said,  “What can I say. you outdid yourself. Thank your beautiful self for listening to the advice of people who care for you, come hell or high water. give me a hug!”

Even an invitation for a job opportunity came along her way as one said, “Congratulations Roxane ! You are welcome to be part of our BDO family.”

Making the right choice is really something as her friend said, “Congrats… aiming high and making it happen is the best gift you can earn, not a million can buy but an honor in life!”

Roxane Joy Jesalva graduated at the Bicol University, Legazpi City with the degree of BSBA major in Financial Management.

She is one of the scholars of the government of Albay through Governor Joey Salceda.