Binay claims Duterte is sick, dares to bare medical records

Image from Jojo Binay/Rody Duterte Facebook
  • Vice President Jejomar Binay claims Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not fit to be president
  • He said Duterte is sick and predicts he will not be able to finish his six-term if he becomes president
  • He challenges Duterte to release his medical records to prove he is healthy
  • Duterte accepts challenge but says they should switch doctors

Vice President Jejomar Binay is not convinced his opponent Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is in good health. Binay predicts Duterte would not be able to finish his six-term if he becomes president because he is sick.

“Siguro, Mr. Duterte, mag-issue ka naman, kahit na certificate lang that you’re in the pink of health,” Binay reportedly said as disclosed in an article published by GMA News Online. [Mr. Duterte, please issue even just a certificate attesting that you are in the pink of health.]

Binay claims the Mayor hides his real health status and acts virile before the public.

But when he was asked what Duterte’s illness is, Binay said reporters should ask Duterte himself; stating, “Basta’t may sakit. Period.” [He is sick. That’s it.]

To answer Binay’s claim, Duterte agreed to release his medical records but on the condition — that they exchange doctors, said Nestor Corrales’ article published in Inquirer.

“Basta ang doctor ko ang mag-examine sa kanya para walang dayaan at ang doctor niya ang mag-examine sa akin. Kasi kung doctor niya, dayain niya yan e,” he said. [As long as my doctor will examine him to avoid fraud and his doctor will examine me. If it’s his doctor, he will fake the result.]

The Davao City Mayor had once missed delivering a speech before a health group after he had a migraine attack. Following the incident, he admitted to have four ailments- acute bronchitis, Barrett’s esophagus, Buerger’s disease and a slipped disk from a motorcycle accident; Marc Jayson Cayabyab wrote in his article for Inquirer.

Binay has earlier released a certification issued by a physician from the Makati Medical Center stating he is fit to be president.