Duterte manages to deliver speech free from profanity

Image from Facebook page of Rody Duterte
  • Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte promised to be “prim and proper” if elected President
  • Duterte managed not to make any profanity while addressing a crowd of college graduates
  • He said his tough-talking stance is a way to challenge the country’s elite

PDP-Laban standard bearer and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has become notorious for his spontaneous speeches laden with profanity while on the campaign trail, promises to be “prim and proper” while managing to deliver a speech with no cusswords during a college graduation ceremony.

“If I become President I will be prim and proper,” he said.

Talking to the new graduates of the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), Duterte slammed the country’s elite who he says controls the media.

“In this country, the elite wants everything prim and proper. They control the media. They control television and all. And they want to do governance in accordance with their interest. Noon pa ganoon na talaga. [It has always been that way since before],” the presidential candidate said during his speech, as earlier noted by Politiko.

He also explained that his tough talking demeanor while campaigning is due to his taking on “the posture of a radical” in order to challenge the ruling elite which controls many of the country’s media networks that he further claims slants his statements.

Hindi ako ganoon kabastos. Pero sinasadya ko iyon because you know, nababayaran sila [I am not that discourteous. But I intentionally do it because you know, they can be paid off], especially writers and there are a lot of them. They would slant every statement I make. Sinasadya ko talagang minumura sila. [I really intentionally curse at them.] I am testing the waters of radicalism. I act as if I am irreverent, it’s not really true. I pray to God always,” he said.

Duterte also apologized for saying curse words in his remarks pertaining to a hostage-taking incident at the Davao City prison in 1989.

He also noted that he put aside making cuss words especially for the occasion “in deference to the academic institution.”

Duterte is an alumnus of the LPU where he graduated with a degree in Political Science in 1968.

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