Passenger arrested at MRT station over bomb joke

Image by LifetimeStock via Shutterstock
  • A passenger was arrested at the Metro Rail Transit 3 over bomb joke
  • Israel Dizon said he is carrying a bomb as he presents his bag at the North Avenue station
  • Dizon was detained at the Quezon City Police District

A train passenger was arrested at the North Avenue Station of the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT-3) after he declared that a bomb was inside his bag while at the inspection area, Tuesday, April 12, in Quezon City.

In an article written by Chino Gaston and ALG that was posted on GMA News, it was disclosed that the office of MRT-3 General Manager Roman Buenafe identified the arrested person as Israel Dizon, who is an employee of Ayala Land.

It was disclosed that Dizon was arrested at around 10:30 a.m. after a lady guard called his attention when he failed to present his bag for inspection.

Investigation disclosed that Dizon allegedly blurted that there is a bomb in his bag.

May bomba diyan [There is a bomb there],” he said.

It was revealed that Dizon admitted uttering the bomb joke. According to the MRT-3 management, it found out on the initial investigation that the rider felt insulted when the lady guard called his attention.

Dizon underwent inquest for violation of Presidential Decree No. 1727, which is also known as the anti-bomb joke law and remained detained at the Quezon City Police District – Masambong Station as of Wednesday, April 13, police said. To note, the PD 1727 declares unlawful the malicious dissemination of false information and wilful threat concerning bombs, explosives or any similar device.

The MRT-3 said Dizon was arrested as it is “strict in enforcing laws, especially when it comes to the security and welfare of its passengers and the riding public as a whole.”

The violation has a corresponding punishment of not more than five years of imprisonment or a fine of not more than P40,000.