Pinoy seafarer kidnapped by pirates off Nigerian coast

Image by Gnangarra/CC BY 2.5 au

• A ship was attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria
• A Filipino 2nd officer and an Egyptian electrician were kidnapped by the pirates
• The ship’s owner said everything is being done to locate the two seafarers

A Filipino seafarer was a******d by pirates off the coast of Nigeria, along with an Egyptian electrician; a maritime expert confirmed on Thursday, April 14.

Dirk Steffen, from the Denmark-based Risk Intelligence firm, said the chartered containership CMA CGM Turquoise has been attacked by pirates around 8:56 p.m. on Monday, April 11, as it traveled between Nigeria’s commercial hub Lagos and Douala in Cameroon.

“This attack, like most others off the Niger Delta, was carried out at night and carried an element of surprise,” he said.

In an April 13, 2016 article, World Maritime News said anti-piracy agency Maritime Trade Information Sharing Center for the Gulf of Guinea (MTISC-GOG) disclosed that the ship’s captain raised an alarm and activated the SSAS (ship security alert system) once the pirates were onboard the ship. All the ship’s crew, except for the Filipino 2nd officer and the Egyptian electrician who were not identified, retreated to the citadel.

A citadel refers to a room where the crew of the ship can hide in case there is a pirate attack on the ship or when the pirates are aboard the ship.

In a statement, Dionyx Maritime Corp., owner of the ship, said they have re-established communication with the ship’s crew.

“The crew members were counted and all of them were found to be absolutely safe except for the 2nd officer and the electrician who were reported as missing. At this stage their whereabouts is not known and everything is being done, in conjunction with the appropriate authorities, the relative foreign ministries, and specialist advisers, to ascertain where they are. Up until now, there has been nothing to indicate that either of the men has been injured and we have every reason to believe that they are both alive,” the shipping company’s statement read.