Trending: Priest tired of bishops’ anti-Duterte campaign declares he’s voting for mayor

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  • Bohol-based priest declared he and peers are voting for Duterte
  • He explained announcement, says he’s tired of bishops actively campaigning against the mayor
  • He denounced bishops’ activities, says it goes against the very guidelines issued to them
  • He also clarified he’s not campaigning but just expressing his personal beliefs

MANILA, Philippines – With Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte being scored by Catholic bishops over his rape remarks and use of foul language, one priest who said he was sick and tired of his superiors’ supposed partisan politics, declared he is voting for the mayor.

On his Facebook account, Willy Ramasola shared how Fr. Jesus Labor, a parish priest in Brgy. Cogon, Tagbilaran City, Bohol announced his decision to back Duterte at the end of the morning Mass because he was fed up with the bishops’ “non-partisan activities”.

According to Labor, the bishops themselves are breaking the very same guidelines they issued to the clergy with regards to remaining neutral.

“You see, I am holding here two newspapers. One is a local newspaper in Bohol. Another is a national newspaper. I am very disappointed because the Church is supposed to be non-partisan. But I read in these news articles about our bishops campaigning against Duterte and trying to destroy his character. This for me is against the guidelines issued to us,” he said.

In explaining his decision to support Duterte, Labor said he is only expressing his personal beliefs and that of his peers and clarified he was not campaigning among his parishioners.

“We the priests here are not campaigning to all of you. We just want to make that clear. We are not campaigning for anybody. But we just want to tell you all that we the priests here will all be voting for Mayor Rody Duterte as President of the Republic of the Philippines,” he said.