Confident he’ll win the National Elections, Binay says he has prepared his victory speech

Image capture of video by ABS-CBN via You Tube
  • Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay says he has prepared his victory speech the night before the election
  • Driven by the fact that he has remained undefeated in his political career, Binay is confident he will win
  • Sends off messages to rival presidentiables

Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay went out to cast his vote at San Antonio High School in Makati City together with his son Junjun Binay today, May 9, 2016.

In an interview that took place after casting his votes and published by the ABS-CBN News, VP Binay expressed his belief that he will win the presidential race because of his undefeated track record in the political arena.

Telling the reporters of his achievements he said, “Ganoon ang track record ko kaya ganoon din matatapos,” (That is my track record and it will end that way) referring to his political winnings where he was a Makati mayor for 21 years and had won the vice presidency in 2010.

Adding to it he also revealed, “Kagabi hinanda ko na ang victory speech namin dahil sa palagay ko, tulad ng nakita ninyo na mga kasama kong nag-ikot ikot ay talagang mananalo tayo,” (Last night I had prepared my victory speech, because I think just like what you have seen, those who had been with me during my campaign,  we are really going to win.)

However, he expressed his apprehensions with regards to possible cheating; saying: “What am afraid of is the massive cheating.”

Furthermore, sending a message to his rival presidentiables he said, “Sana sundin natin iyong ating pinirmahan na tayo ay magkakaisa para magkaroon ng isang malinis at marangal na halalan.” ( I wish for us to keep what we have agreed upon, that we will unite for a clean and honest election.)

Meanwhile, Binay also disclosed that he will be observing the election from a “secret location.”