Retired general Jovito Palparan scores Duterte for Red links, says he’s a threat to democracy

Images from Janess Ann J. Ellao via Bulatlat/
  • Detained retired general blasted Davao City mayor for his ties with leftist groups
  • He is worried about Duterte establishing a communist revolutionary gov’t with Joma Sison
  • He called on Filipinos to protect democracy, not let a “traitor” like Duterte become president

MANILA, Philippines – It’s the ‘Butcher’ vs. the ‘Punisher’.

With days to go before the elections, independent senatorial candidate and retired general Jovito Palparan lashed out at Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for openly touting his ties with communist groups and emboldening them further.

“The NPA (New People’s Army) has continued to commit violent crimes in the past month yet Duterte is happily showing off his relations with them,” GMA News quoted him as saying in the vernacular.

Palparan also expressed alarm at Duterte’s latest pronouncements indicating his intent to establish a revolutionary government with his former mentor and communist leader Joma Sison.

“Joma and Duterte’s statement, that there will be a coalition and revolutionary government respectively, is worrisome,” he said.

Urging Filipinos not to vote for the mayor, Palparan said a Duterte-Sison alliance will surely destroy democracy.

“Let us be careful my countrymen, it looks these two will destroy our democratic way of life,” he said. “Let’s foil Joma’s dream of establishing a communist government.”

“Let us not let someone like that rule the Philippines,” he added. “Let’s think about our welfare.”

Palparan, who has been detained at the Philippine Army Custodial Center in Fort Bonifacio for two years, is noted for his all-out campaign against the NPA while he was still active.

However, leftist groups derisively labelled him ‘Berdugo’ (the Butcher) due to his aggressive drive against the communist insurgents.

He is currently charged with the abduction of 2 University of the Philippines (UP) students believed to be members of communist fronts.