Colorum van r**e victim appeals to incoming president Rody Duterte to revive d***h penalty

Image capture of video by Balitanghali via GMA News and Public Affairs YouTube account
  • Colorum van r**e and robbery victims call on to incoming president Rodrigo Duterte to revive d***h penalty
  • Suspects were a******d and are facing charges of r**e, robbery and possession of illegal drugs 
  • President-elect Rodrigo Duterte vowed to bring back d***h penalty to curb illegal drug use and heinous crimes

MANILA, Philippines – President-elect Rodrigo Duterte has been firm on his vow to end the proliferation of illegal drugs and curb crime in the country. The incoming president plans on bringing d***h penalty back in the country for drugs and heinous crimes. And while the Filipino people hold divided opinion about the d***h penalty being imposed, one of the victims of the recent van r**e incident called on to the president-elect to fulfill his promise to bring back d***h penalty.

The 22-year-old victim of the r**e and robbery incident pleaded to Duterte to give justice to what happened to them, reports GMA News Online. She said:

“President, tulungan n’yo kami. Kayo pong pinagkakatiwalaan namin dito. Alam kong hindi lamang po kayo ang kikilos para tulungan n’yo po kami. Tulungan n’yo po kami.”

[President please help us. We put our trust in you. I know you and the others will work to give us justice. Help us.]

On June 10, the suspects – the driver of the colorum van and his accomplice, identified as Wilfredo Lorenzo, 36, and Alfie “Buddy” Turado, 34, respectively, declared a hold-up when they were along Batasan Hills Quezon City. They were allegedly raped alternately by the two men inside the moving van.

Lorenzo was a******d on June 13 with a sachet of s***u in his possession, while Buddy Turado, who denied raping the women, was nabbed in Brgy. Obrero, Quezon City with the help of brgy. officials, but was later k****d by arresting officers after he tried to grab the firearm of his police escort.

Meanwhile, another incidence of r**e, this time involving a taxi driver named Ramil Marco Neric, was reported in Taguig City. The 25-year-old driver allegedly brought his drunk female passenger in the motel, raped and robbed her as well, and then drove her back to her apartment, according to Kicker Daily.

With the increasing number of r**e cases, most of which involve drug use, would you agree to revive d***h penalty in the country?

Watch video of angry victims confronting Lorenzo below: