Duterte offers police, military P3-million reward to get drug lords, d**d or alive

Image capture from Rappler's video
  • Duterte ordered police, military to get drug lords, d**d or alive
  • The soon-to-be president offered P3 million for every big time drug lord
  • He warned drug lords not to destroy the country and the youth of the land or they will be k****d

Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would pay bounties to police officers or military men who can capture big time drug lords, d**d or alive.

Duterte made the announcement during a press conference held on Tuesday, May 31, at the Presidential Guest House, also called the “Malacañang of the South,” located at the compound of the Department of Public Works and Highways in Davao City.

As mentioned in Pia Ranada’s article for Rappler, the soon-to-be president said he will pay P3 million for every big time drug lord that will be turned in by police or military officials. Lesser amounts would be given for every drug personality with lesser influence – P2 million for supervisors, P1 million for second-level drug dealers and P50,000 for ordinary drug peddlers.

“I’m not saying you k**l them but the order is ‘d**d or alive,'” he said, adding police and military officers are still required to abide by the law in getting drug suspects.

“They are lectured upon and they learn a lot, it’s a subject. When to k**l and when not to k**l. When is it legal to k**l, when is it unlawful to take another man’s life,” he said.

Pagka sinabi kong d**d or alive. Alam nila kung tumaas ang kamay, talagang alive ‘yan. Pagka lumaban, edi d**d ‘yan, he added.

[When I said d**d or alive, they (police) know that if the criminal raises his hands (in surrender), they are alive. If the criminal fights back, they are d**d]

The rewards, he said, will come from the leftover campaign contributions. He added there is enough money to leave 100 drug personalities d**d.

“There’s enough money left. I do not want to get hold of it for too long. Basta may pera at hindi ko ninakaw. ‘Yan ang gamitin ko (There is money, and I didn’t steal it. That’s what I’ll use). I’ll dispose of that money,” he said.

He then gave a stern warning to drug lords.

“Do not destroy my country because I will k**l you. Do not destroy the youth of the land, our children, because I will k**l you.”