Sotto favors ‘death penalty by hanging’ only on drugs cases

Image from Tito Sotto's Facebook page
  • Sen. Tito Sotto favors the imposition of death penalty by hanging on drugs cases only
  • He said it is best if Congress consults the matter to the Supreme Court first before crafting a legislation
  • This will ensure that a constitutional law shall be passed with more humane penalties

Incoming Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III expressed his views on the re-imposition of death penalty by hanging as he said he favors the punishment to be imposed only on drugs cases as pronounced by the incoming administration under the stewardship of President Rodrigo Duterte.

An article written by Ernie Reyes published on InterAksyon mentioned that according to Sotto, it would be better for Congress to consult and refer the matter to the Supreme Court first before crafting needed legislation to ensure the passing of a constitutional law as he noted that penalties for the crime should be humane.

Sotto explained that the need to reinstate the death penalty can be attributed to the gravity of drug cases wherein even jailed traffickers and financiers are able to operate within the four corners of Muntinlupa’s New Bilibid Prison.

Life imprisonment, according to Sotto, is not enough to scare and prohibit the drug lords in doing the crime as they can even operate inside the Muntinlupa Golf and Country Club for the rest of their lives. Thus, he added, stricter penalty of death penalty is a better solution.

In addition, Sotto said drugs are not only sold in the streets but also inside schools and concert grounds; hinting on what happened recently.

As such, he stressed that Congress should immediately consult the Supreme Court to make its passage easier.

Meanwhile, Sotto clarified that the proposed measure is not retroactive as expected by some sectors.

Stressing its need, he urged the incoming administration to look into Senate Bill 3226, which failed to pass the 16th Congress and was sent to archives as he claimed it has good features that can be replicated and adopted on the proposed measure.

Sotto, however, said that unlike in previous passage of death penalty until it was repealed by Congress, his position was to exclude other crimes like plunder and rape, which was included in the old law.