Duterte meets Peter Lim, refuses to shake hands and warns “drug lord” to clear his name or die

Image capture from RTVM video via Facebook
  • Duterte meets suspected drug lord Peter Lim in Davao City
  • The president warned Lim to clear his name or he might end up being killed
  • Duterte also refused to shake hands with the Filipino-Chinese businessman

MANILA, Philippines – Fearing  for his life, suspected drug lord Peter Lim sought an audience with President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday, July 15, in Davao City where the latter warned the Filipino-Chinese businessman to clear his name or end up getting killed.

Lim, also known as “Jaguar”, is one of the alleged top three drug lords in the country earlier named by Duterte; the other two being Herbert Colangco and Peter Co.

In a video released on the Facebook page of RTVM, the President is seen advising Lim to submit himself to an investigation to clear his name from the allegation.

“I will advise you strongly to submit to an investigation, in my term. You go to…For now you are not guilty, but if I find out that you are, I will have you finished. You better go to the investigating agency, the NBI,” Duterte told Lim in Visayan dialect.

He also urged the suspected drug lord to bring a lawyer at the NBI where his case will be reviewed.

Lim said he had been receiving death threats after the president named him as one of the alleged high-profile drug personalities in the country,

“My family is in deep problem now. We are getting the threat,” he can be heard telling Duterte in the video.

But Duterte warned Lim not to lie to him or he would order him killed.

“I tell you what, I have warned to have you killed. It’s true, I will have you killed. If I see something, I will have you killed,” the President said.

Towards the end of the meeting, Lim tried to shake hands with Duterte, but the president refused.

“I’m sorry I cannot shake your hand,” said Duterte, to which Lim replied: “Yes, I understand.”

“Our nation is very lucky to have you. You’re the only president who can save our nation. You really mean business,” added Lim before finally leaving.

Watch the video of the meeting below: