Solgen hits back at De Lima: What did you do to stop illegal drugs when you were DOJ Secretary?

Image from Atty Jose Calida's Facebook page
  • Solicitor General blasted the senator over her plan to conduct a probe into the killings of drug suspects
  • He told her she did nothing to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs when she was DOJ head
  • He also dismissed her planned inquiry, said it’s nothing but a ploy to get media mileage

MANILA, Philippines— Burned.

Hitting back at Senator Leila De Lima for her plan to conduct an inquiry into the spate of killings involving drug suspects, Solicitor General Jose Calida said the former justice secretary basically did nothing to stop the proliferation of illegal drugs while she was in office.

“If she’s truly sincere to stop this drug menace, let us ask her: what did she do as justice secretary in charge of the National Bureau of Investigation, the prosecution service, and the correctional?” Rappler quoted him as saying.

“There is no need for investigation in aid of legislation supposedly. Secretary de Lima, who was Secretary of Justice for 6 years… what happened during her tenure? Drugs proliferated more even in her own turf, at the national penitentiary,” he added.

Denouncing De Lima’s planned inquiry as nothing more than a ploy to get media mileage, Calida also told the solon to support the police rather than siding with “crazed drug addicts”.

“This isn’t about looking good before the media. The police are risking their lives. It is the height of naivete on the part of Secretary De Lima who apparently does not know the mindset of a crazed drug addict,” he said. “We will not allow the police officers to be killed in the line of duty.”

The neophyte solon earlier vowed to push through with her legislative inquiry and said the present administration should not fear it if they have nothing to hide.

“That’s what I’m puzzled about. Why is there such a reaction? If they’re confident that everything is aboveboard, that everything is followed – rules or laws, especially the Constitution, why is their reaction like that?” she had reportedly said.