School implements ‘true love waits’ policy, bans students to have romantic affairs

Image by ABS-CBN via ABS-CBN News video
  • A school in Cagayan de Oro City implements ‘true love waits’ policy
  • Golden Heritage Polytechnic College bans its female and male students to get into romantic relationships while enrolled in the school
  • Capt. Tito Dichosa, the school president, said he only wishes for students to finish college

A Cagayan De Oro school believes it’s too early for students to engage in a romantic relationship while studying that it actually implemented a ‘true love waits’ policy.

The Golden Heritage Polytechnic College (GHPC) in Cagayan de Oro City prohibits its students to have an affair with the opposite s*x while they are enrolled in the school. It is the school’s method to prevent teenage pregnancies among female students.

A large tarpaulin mounted at the campus’ entrance serves as a reminder to all the students with a text that reads, “LOVE AFFAIR will surely destroy the life of a young lady student therefore this institution prohibit intimate relationships between a male and female students.”

Aside from the gigantic reminder, the same notice is printed on teachers’ uniforms.

In an interview by Angelo Andrade of ABS-CBN, the school president Capt. Tito Dichosa said they have come up with the policy because he only wishes his students to finish college. He added that he gets frustrated whenever a student gets pregnant and stops schooling.

Last school year, six students were expelled from the school for violating the school’s policy, said a published article in