Abu Sayyaf disowns Davao blast, says ally group, Daulat Ul Islamiya, was behind the attack

Image from Munsif

• The Abu Sayyaf spokesman disowns the Davao City blast
• Abu Ramie pointed to an ally group, Daulat Ul Islamiya, as the one behind the attack
• Ramie said the bomb a*****s will stop if President Duterte will seek conversion to Islam

Muammar Askali, the self-styled spokesman of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) also known as Abu Ramie, denied that the Al Harakatul Al Islamiya, the official name of ASG, was behind the Davao City night market explosion that k****d at least 15 people and hurt over 70 others on Friday, September 2.

The Inquirer said that the ASG spokesman called to say that an ally group was behind the deadly attack. Askali said the group Daulat Ul Islamiya staged the attack in sympathy of the ASG, who is under pressure from military operations in Sulu.

“They are doing this to sympathize with our group and we are sending a message to President Rodrigo Duterte that all the Daulat throughout the country is not afraid of him,” Askali said; adding “We can hardly call people, but we can still inflict damage to the soldiers”, in reference to the tight situation they are in.

Askali said the bomb a*****s would stop if President Duterte will “seek conversion to Islam and adopt Hadith as his laws.”

Hadith, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, is a record of the traditions or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, revered and received as a major source of religious law and moral guidance.