Watch: Boyfriend’s surprise proposal put on hold as girlfriend faints upon seeing ring

Image by Reyna Renteria via Facebook account
  • A man proposed to his girlfriend and what happened next was so unexpected
  • Boyfriend had everything prepared including a mariachi band for his grand marriage proposal
  • When the man presented  the box holding the engagement ring to his girlfriend, the woman fainted

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – How exciting can a marriage proposal go?

Well, this woman from Mexico must have ‘burst with excitement’ over a marriage proposal; perhaps so totally dumbfounded  that it would happen to her — that it caused her to faint.

A video showed a man, identified as German Benitez Giles, proposing marriage to his girlfriend, Reyna Renteria. However, things didn’t happen according to his expectation. Well, sort of.

The Mexican would-be groom had everything prepared for that special moment. He even included a mariachi band to set the mood for a romantic proposal for his lady love — plus a video taker to record the memorable event.

But the usual end to a marriage proposal — with the woman saying “Yes!” didn’t happen. Rather, a totally surprising twist took place.

As German was handing out a box holding the engagement ring to his girlfriend, Reyna fainted; falling backward straight like a board and hitting the floor.

An NDTV story said that after a few moments, Reyna regained consciousness, and thankfully, was unharmed. It was only then that she was able to accept the proposal of her boyfriend.

The bride-to-be posted a short video clip on her Facebook account to share to friends, and as of posting, it has garnered more than 4.2 million views!

“For all of you, the precise magical moment of the marriage proposal followed by the whack [on the floor],” Reyna wrote in Spanish as the caption to the video.

Reyna also shared a photo of her on the floor as well as one of the engagement ring.

“I’m excited, disbelieving, shocked but happy and safe. There is still time, but step by step and little by little,” Reyna wrote in Spanish.

Now we know that a marriage proposal could be so ‘electrifying’! Congrats!