“Brad is single”: Norwegian airline cashes in on ‘Brangelina’ split with hilarious ad

Image from Norwegian Airline Twitter post
  • A Norwegian airline has cashed in on the Brad Pitt – Angelina Jolie separation with an amusing advertisement
  • One ad read “Brad is single” and offered cheap flights to Los Angeles where Pitt is based
  • Other businesses also capitalized on the controversy and came up with other brilliant ads
Image from NorwegianUK Twitter account
Image from NorwegianUK Twitter account

The controversial split of Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie landed on the headlines of almost any publications around the world which is a telling proof of their indisputable popularity.

However, a Norwegian airline company took it a step further by using the controversy to sell their cheap flights, just days after Jolie announced she is filing a divorce against her partner of 12 years and husband of 2 years.

“Brad is single”, read one of the advertisements, then announced that a one-way ticket from Oslo to Los Angeles – where Brad Pitt is based – only costs £169 including taxes.

It was posted on a major newspaper in Norway and has spread like wildfire on social media after netizens quickly took notice of its humorous side, amusing everyone who have been following the ‘Brangelina’ split.

Another advertisement from the same airline, also capitalizing on the same issue, read like it was lifted off an appeal from a dating website.

“Actor. LA. Newly single. Seeks like-minded partner with GSOH,” it read. For dating site aficionados, GSOH would mean “Good sense of humor”.

A spokesperson for the airline explained the creative thinking behind the ad, saying they simply “used a playful advert to simply highlight our flights to Los Angeles and to mirror the conversations that people throughout the UK are having about a high-profile media story.”

“We are pleased that the vast majority of feedback has been positive and people have read the advert with the humor it was intended,” the airline official added.

Image capture of Norwegian UK post via Twitter
Image capture of Norwegian UK post via Twitter

However, it turns out that Norwegian airline is not the only business that cashes in on the Pitt-Jolie marital issue.

Ikea, the famous Swedish furniture giant, has its own version in the two-seater modular sofa adverts of its Singapore branch.

“Breakups happen” said the advertisement followed by an offer of “personalized seating solution perfect for any celebrity relationship.”

The sparkling water brand, Capi, even brought Jennifer Anniston – Pitt’s former wife – into the picture.

“Jen got her sparkle back,” read Capi’s ad on Instagram.

The Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie separation has broken the hearts of many fans from around the world.

While the couple, who have six children, requested for privacy after the news of their split broke out many have speculated that the problem involved Pitt’s alleged treatment of one of the kids they adopted.