CPP lauds PH and Chinese gov’ts for peaceful settlement, warns US to stay out of Scarborough

Image from Renato Reyes's Facebook page
  • CPP congratulated PH and Chinese gov’ts for peacefully settling maritime dispute
  • It said measure will lead to eventual demilitarization of South China Sea and free flow of int’l trade
  • It also warned US not to meddle, said it had no right interfering in the region

MANILA, Philippines – The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) lauded both the Philippine and Chinese governments for their initiative to settle their dispute in Scarborough Shoal even as it warned the US to stay out.

“The settlement of the Scarborough issue underscores what can be achieved by asserting national independence, building friendly relations with neighboring countries and opposing outside interference, especially war instigations by the US military,” the Philippine Star quoted the CPP as saying.

The party said it hopes such moves will eventually lead to the demilitarization of the South China Sea and the opening up of international trade.

“The basic premise and most urgent condition for the settlement of all conflicting claims should be the demilitarization of the South China Sea to allow all countries to make use of the sea route for international trade,” it said.

Calling for an end to America’s naval patrols in the region, the CPP brushed off the US State Department’s plan to assess the presence of Chinese vessels in Scarborough, saying it had no right to interfere in the affairs of the region.

“In the first place, the US has no standing whatsoever to make any assessment in an area that is part of Philippine maritime territory,” the CPP said, adding,  “it is US war-mongering and naval buildup in accordance with its US pivot to encircle China that is at the root of the outstanding security problems in the South China Sea,” the party said.