Kris Aquino wants Duterte to succeed, calls on critics to stop calling supporters ‘Dutertards’

Image capture from ABS-CBN's YouTube video
  • Sister of former president said she and her brother wants Duterte to succeed
  • She sympathizes with president for having insatiable critics, as experienced also by PNoy
  • She also called on critics to stop using the word ‘Dutertard’ to refer to Duterte supporters

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has found an ally in his predecessor’s sister Kris Aquino who told critics to give his administration a chance to succeed before passing judgment on him.

According to Aquino, she and her critics should take the cue from her brother former president Benigno Aquino III who has been respectfully keeping his silence in deference to the new administration.

“If my brother is respectful enough to want to give this administration a chance to succeed, why won’t I do the same? Siyempre [Of course], there will be missteps. Hindi naman lahat kakampi mo [Not everyone will be your ally]. Pero ako, gusto ko [But for me], I want him to succeed,” ABS-CBN quoted her as saying.

Aquino added that she sympathizes with Duterte as he seems to have insatiable critics; just like her brother did.

“I know what it’s like sa pinagdaanan ng brother ko, that for a certain segment ng population, walang tama, pero ngayon, nananahimik siya, ‘di ba? So, I’ll take my cue from that.” she said.

[I know what it’s like from what my brother went through, that for a certain segment of the population, you can’t do anything right, but now he’s keeping silent. So, I’ll take my cue from that.]

Aquino also called on critics to stop labeling Duterte’s avid supporters ‘Dutertards’; saying the term leaves a bad taste in her mouth as she also has a son with special needs.

“I resent calling anyone ‘tards.’ Kasi [Because] I have a special son so I’m sensitive to that even if it’s a term that is used widely,” she said.