Motorists stop to film UFO hovering over Chinese city

Image capture of video by Scott C. Waring via YouTube channel
  • A UFO was seen hovering over a Chinese city
  • Motorists driving on a highway stopped to take photographs of the mysterious object
  • The phenomenon was caught by a dashboard camera

Vehicular traffic in a city in China came to a standstill after an unidentified flying object (UFO) was seen hovering over the city.

The eerie dashboard camera footage of the incident showed stunned motorists who stopped their vehicles in the middle of a highway to look at a dark object hanging from a distance. A woman’s voice was heard saying “Fay-de-aya,” the Chinese word for a UFO, according to the Mirror.

Many of the people who witnessed the phenomenon whipped out their camera-equipped mobile phones to snap photographs of the UFO. The mysterious object was seen flying from left to right as people left their cars to have a better view of it.

Based on the footage, the strange phenomenon happened on April 8 this year. The video became viral after Scott C. Waring, a known UFOlogist and UFO blogger, uploaded it on YouTube recently.

Waring wrote in his “UFO Sightings Daily” blog: “Overall this is a fantastic example of big UFO over China. Why don’t we see more videos of it? Because it takes a brave person to post something unknown on the internet that might get you and your family arrested in China, since the Chinese government probably considers such videos to be top secret and a threat to their national security.”

Social media users who commented on Waring’s post said the UFO was fake. A netizen said: “Fake! UFO added in post production, look how it moves/deviates down and then back up with the camera of the car when the car brakes and then stops. The UFO should have remained in a continuous position in the sky. Poorly key framed. The people photographing could all be involved in the prank or it could be something completely unrelated.”

Here’s the video clip of the mysterious phenomenon: