OFW hikers praised by HK netizens for picking up trash along famous hiking trail

Image from Edward So's Facebook account

• A group of OFW hikers were praised by Hong Kong netizens for tidying up hiking trails
• Their photos, snapped by a certain Edward So, is going viral on the internet
• The group call themselves “Filipina Extreme Hikers”

Photos of a group of hikers composed of overseas Filipino workers (OFW) are going viral on the internet after they were photographed picking up trash along one of Hong Kong’s (HK) famous hiking trails.

The photos were snapped by a certain Edward So who witnessed the Filipinos picking up litter thrown by other hikers and posted them on Facebook.

In his post, Edward So said (translated in English): “While exercising on Ma On Shan today, I saw seven or eight Filipino domestic helpers each carrying a big bag and filling them up with trash as they hiked. My fellow hikers, would you be glad to see people from other countries having to tidy your native land? I feel so embarrassed!”

“All I did was say ‘proud of you’ to them before going on my merry way. So shameful,” he said in another post.

His post attracted several responses; all giving praise to the group of Filipino hikers. A popular online publication, Most 100, even shared So’s post.

“Truly top class human beings! Hong Kong people also need to work hard and do good for the city!” one Hong Kong netizen wrote.

“The visors around their heads are as beautiful as angels’ halos. Sincere thanks,” said another.

According to ABS-CBN, the Filipinos photographed by Edward So was only one of six groups who embarked on their mission to clean up hiking trails. The group called themselves “Filipina Extreme Hikers” although some of their members are Indonesians.

A member of the group, Renalda Castillo, said they were overwhelmed by the praises they received from Hong Kongers.

“All their praises are heartwarming. In our simple efforts to pick up trash, all the foreign hikers would say “thank you” and “good job,” she said.