Philippines, China form alliance versus illegal drugs

Image from China Topix
  • The Philippines and China have formed an alliance against illegal drugs
  • The PDEA and its Chinese counterpart, the Narcotics Control Bureau, signed the Protocol on Cooperation
  • Both countries agreed to conduct frequent consultations and annual meetings whenever necessary

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and its Chinese counterpart, the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China on Thursday, October 20, have formally formed an alliance versus the illegal drug menace by signing the agreement stipulated in the Protocol on Cooperation.

Journal Online said PDEA General Director Isidro Lapeña and China’s Narcotics Control Bureau General Director Hu Minglang have signed the agreement in Beijing during President Rodrigo Duterte’s four-day visit to the Asia’s emerging superpower last week.

“Under the protocol, China and Philippines have agreed to collaborate on information and data exchange of drug crimes such as updated list and, as much as possible, complete profile of drug suspects and status of the arrested drug personalities who are citizens of each country for the purpose of conducting further investigation, cooperation in drug crime investigations, assistance in repatriation of drug criminals, and exchange and training of narcotics investigators,” Lapeña said.

Both countries agreed to conduct frequent consultations and to hold annual meetings whenever necessary.

“Recognizing that the drug menace is a lingering problem that is transnational in character and global in scope, the Philippines and PRC have vowed to work together to liberate their territories from the bondage of illegal drugs,” the PDEA chief said.