Pinoys in France up in arms over French newspaper article tagging Duterte as “serial killer president”

Image capture of video by Marilyn Rayray via YouTube channel
  • French newspaper Libération tagged President Rodrigo Duterte as “serial killer president”
  • The article written by Arnaud Vaulerin drew criticisms from supporters of President Duterte
  • A supporter said the article was offensive

Supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte in France were up in arms over an article published by one of the leading French newspapers, calling the Filipino leader as a serial killer.

Libération, a French daily newspaper, published an article about President Duterte and headlined its 4-page story “Serial Killer President.”

ABS-CBN’s European correspondent Marilyn Rayray said the article written by Japan-based journalist Arnaud Vaulerin drew criticisms from President Duterte’s Filipino supporters based in France. Some of the president’s supporters directly sent their messages to Libération, while others posted their reactions on Vaulerin’s Facebook page.

An overseas Filipino worker in France said labeling President Duterte as a serial killer is offensive. Another Filipino expatriate asked whether the author was able to justify that President Duterte is a serial killer.

Various Filipino organizations in France plan to stage demonstrations to voice their criticisms against the publication and its writer, as per an ABS-CBN article dated October 9, 2016.

Vaulerin’s article also prompted Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mike Sueno to censure the failure of foreign media and leaders to understand the extent of the Philippines’ problems.

Asked to comment on the offensive article, Sueno said, “Ang tingin ko sobra naman iyan, ano? Hindi nila kasi naintindihan ang problema natin [I think that’s too much. They don’t understand our problems].