Photo of Baste Duterte kissing Ellen Adarna gets leaked on Instagram

Image from Ellen Adarna's Instagram account
  • A photo of Baste Duterte and sexy actress Ellen Adarna kissing each other on the lips got leaked on Instagram
  • Sought for comment, Baste’s talent manager Betchay Vidanes said she does not meddle with the personal relationships of the talents she handles
  • In earlier interviews, Ellen Adarna said she and the presidential son are just good friends

A photo of Presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte and sexy actress Ellen Adarna sharing a kiss on the lips is circulating online after it got leaked and reposted several times on Instagram; fueling speculations that the two are in a relationship although Adarna, in earlier interviews, claimed they are just good friends.

PEP sought Baste’s side about the photo through his manager, Betchay Vidanes, and asked whether he and Ellen are officially together.

Vidanes, however, said as talent manager she does not meddle with the personal relationships of the talents she handles. She did not confirm nor deny that Baste and Ellen are a couple, but stressed that the presidential son is not married.

Here is Betchay Vidanes’ full statement sent to PEP on November 15:

“As the management team of Mr. Baste Duterte, we do not meddle in personal relationships of the celebrities we handle. They are entitled to be close to any person they chose to. As for Baste, he is not married and he doesn’t label his relationships.”

Image from Janika Go's Instagram account
Image from Janika Go’s Instagram account