Retired cop’s son received death threats prior to his demise; told that his life is worth only P3,000

Image capture from Miah Jebulan's post via Facebook
  • Retired cop’s 20-year-old son allegedly received death threats prior to his demise
  • Alfredo Jebulan wrote a short open letter for President Rodrigo Duterte; asking him to help in finding justice for his son
  • He said his son Yani never got involved in drug-related activities in the past

The 20-year-old student from the Our Lady Fatima University-Antipolo, a son of a retired policeman, allegedly received death threats prior to his demise.

In an article that was posted on GMA News Online, it was disclosed that police are investigating the possibility that the killing of Yani Jebulan, son of retired police officer Alfredo Jebulan, is connected to the threats he received before he was shot to death.

Investigation revealed that Yani received a death threat following a fight between him and a classmate at school; supposedly due to jealousy. Mother Angie Jebulan recalled that her son asked her if he could transfer to another school.

“Meron daw kumausap sa kanya na classmate nila na wina-warningan ‘yung anak ko na ‘wag maglalakad nang mag-isa dahil P3,000 na lang daw ang halaga ng buhay ng anak ko [A classmate warned him not to walk alone because my son’s life is worth only P3,000],” Angie said.

Police are also looking into a supposed argument the Third Year Psychology student had with somebody while gambling at a wake on the day he was killed.

Philippine National Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa has ordered the police regional director of Calabarzon to perform an in-depth investigation on Yani’s death. The order came after Alfredo wrote a short open letter addressed to President Duterte; asking the latter to help them find justice and go to his son’s death — or he will be the one to kill the perpetrators..

“I’m addressing to you, Mr. Rodrigo Duterte; My youngest son was shot in the head by rinding in tandem men wearing bonnets at around 12 midnight Oct. 29 2016. He died instantly with a single bullet in the head,” the grieving father wrote; stressing that Yani, a student from Our Lady of Fatima University, has never been involved in any illegal drug habit before.

“He has never been involved in any illegal drug habit more so in peddling drugs what so ever. I’m well aware of this because as a retired policeman, I am very strict with my children having them or just one of them to be involved in this kind of malpractice. And it was my former job when I was still in the active service to arrest those involve in drug activities,” he furthered.

He said he will be the one to make a move should the authorities fail to bring justice to his family.

“My point is, if I will know that one of your policemen has the hand for the cause of the death of my son, God forbids, I will let heaven and earth befall upon him. I know you don’t tolerate this but let me be very very frank, if they know how to kill people, so [am] I. This goes to you too Gen. Dela Rosa Sir. I’m begging you Help me solve the unnecessary death of my son PLEASE or I will be the one to do it without your help,” he stated.