Nurse Who Lost Sister to Cancer Goes Viral for Being Extra Compassionate with Patients… And Also for Being Handsome!

A nurse of UPH-DR Jose G. Tamayo Medical Center, a private hospital in Biñan, Laguna had recently gone viral after his photos were shared by netizen Iscen Clement C. Ballesteros. The nurse was later identified as Jerome Muriel – and Ballesteros dubbed him as the “Needle Man”, an apparent allusion to Carrot Man and other heartthrobs who went viral on social media for their good looks.

A lot of netizens bashed Muriel, however; saying he’s just another ‘useless’ pretty face who’s going to get his 15 minutes of fame and then quickly fade away.

Ballesteros was hurt by the bashing the nurse received over his post; thus, he gave a lengthy explanation as to why he actually posted the photo – not just because Muriel was handsome but because he was also extra compassionate.

Photo credit: Trending News Portal / Iscen Clement C. Ballesteros
Photo credit: Trending News Portal / Iscen Clement C. Ballesteros

In his post, Ballesteros revealed that his own sister has been suffering from cancer and had to undergo regular chemotherapy.

On one such occasion, the nurses had to change the IV needle to a much larger one because she was being prepared for a surgical procedure; however, the first nurse took five attempts to insert the needle, to no avail – and it was clear that Ballesteros’ sister was in pain and suffering from the nurse’s attempts.

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