CosmopolitanPH’s Viral Compilation Video of the best Solenn-Nico moments continues to inspire and amuse netizens

Image capture of video post by Cosmopolitan on Facebook

A couple that works out together, stays fit together. And perhaps it’s safe to also say that laughing together, too, is like cherry on top of the icing.

Well, a compilation of the best 2016 video moments of actress Solenn Heussaff and her Argentinian businessman husband Nico Bolzico  shared by CosmopolitanPH seemingly shows all these plus factors in the Solenn-Nico tandem.

No doubt about it. They’re a hit on social media. Solenn and Nico‘s individual Instagram accounts are frequented by their followers.

Though serious in their workout regime, the couple simply never forget to have fun. They even have random ‘crazy moments’ which were included in the compilation vid.

They got married on May 21, in a church wedding ceremony held at Eglise Notre Dame in Combourg, France which was graced by their family and close friends.

In a previous interview, Solenn shared that she met Nico at a local club, and said she believes that their story proves that true love can be found in the modern society we live in now.

On CosmopolitanPH’s You Tube channel, the team shared how it’s no secret that many absolutely adore the unconventional married couple who were described as “both crazy, hilarious, and downright sexy.”  Moreover, also basing from many commenters’ reactions, their kind of relationship is something many couples aspire to have.

These comments below somehow summarizes the pulse of the online users who enjoy following the couple on their social media accounts. Take note that HUMOR obviously tops the positive comments, especially pertaining to Nico.

“A man with sense of humor is always the best one!” earning Nico a thumbs up from a commenter Mi J.

Astra M. says: “I love following Nico on IG because he’s hilarious and witty, and their vids are always so funny ? Seriously – a guy who makes you laugh is the best kind of guy!”

Dianne F-B likewise shared her thoughts on the vid: “This is great. This is how a relationship should be, fun! Not all those stupid pranks all these other couples are posting.”

Jamila M. V., meanwhile, tells online users: “Follow niyo si Nico sa IG mga teh! Havey posts niya! Hahahaha!”

The best moments vid  shared on Facebook by CosmopolitanPH has gotten over 2.3 million views and shared more than 20k times.


On their You Tube account: