[Video] Family, friends of Mitzi Joy Balunsay cry for justice over her tragic death; ‘ex-BF’ arrested, asks for forgiveness

Image via Facebook posts

Lifeless, chopped up and placed in a plastic bag and box — the  remains of a 17-year-old college student was found dumped on a roadside in Barangay De Ocampo, Trece Martirez, Cavite on Friday morning.

The hapless victim was identified in 24 Oras as Mitzi Joy Balunsay, a scholar, youth leader, star dancer, an incoming sophomore tourism student at the Cavite State University, who was found, as per disclosed autopsy results, to have been raped before she was choked to death and then her body chopped up.

The suspect, Alvin delos Angeles, who claimed to be her ex-boyfriend of four months, had been arrested by authorities on Saturday morning and is detained at the Trece Martires Component Police Station.

Reports say that she had texted her parents using a different number; telling them she’ll be sleeping over at a friend’s house to be able to enroll early the following day. But her father emotionally says that the next time he saw his daughter is at the morgue.

Angeles has admitted to the crime and was reported to be asking for forgiveness.

Mitzi’s family and friends, as well as concerned netizens, are crying for justice to be served in this brutal crime committed against this well-loved teenager.

Watch this video report from 24-Oras for more details.