Saudi cop kills 2 ‘bomb-strapped’ ISIS militants in dramatic street shootout

Image from PinkRadar video via You Tube

Two Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed in a shootout with a brave police officer in Saudi Arabia during a raid this weekend.

In the short clip that emerged on social media, the two terrorists can be seen attacking a police car before they were gunned down by a Saudi cop at point-blank range. The suspects were said to be strapped with suicide vests.

The video was captured by local residents watching through the window as the drama unfolds before their eyes.

According to The Independent, the incident took place at the Yasmeen district of northern Riyadh after authorities were tipped off about a group of terrorists preparing explosives in a nearby house.

During the raid, the ISIS militants reportedly opened fire at the police; prompting the authorities to return fire.

One of the killed terrorists has been identified as Taie bin Salem bin Yaslam al-Saya’ari, an extremist who was involved in the July 2016 bombing of a mosque in Riyadh that killed four people, said a statement from Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki.

The officer in the clip who shot the two terrorists was also slightly injured and has been taken to a hospital but is in otherwise safe condition.

The authorities also published photos of items recovered from the raid which include, among others, explosive belts, rifles and ammunitions and materials believed to be used by the suspects to manufacture bombs.

Watch the dramatic footage below (Video Credit: PinkRadar via You Tube):