US President Trump sends warm regards to President Duterte

Trump's image by Michael Vadon / Duterte's image Public Domain

US President Donald Trump sent a message to President Duterte
• Trump sent the message through the president of Miss Universe Organization, Ms Paula Shugart
• President Duterte mistakenly identified Ms. Shugart as the US candidate for the Miss Universe tilt

President Rodrigo Duterte shared that Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States, sent his warm regards to him through an official of the Miss Universe Organization.

During his visit to the families of the “Fallen 44”, the Philippine National Police Special Action Force troopers who were killed in the Mamasapano clash in January 2015, President Duterte said President Trump sent him a message.

President Duterte said Trump sent the messaged through Ms. Paula Shugart, whom he mistakenly identified as the United States’ candidate for the Miss Universe tilt. Miss Shugart is actually the president of the Miss Universe Organization.

“This is the briefing. Message from US President Donald J. Trump as relayed through Miss Universe – kandidata nila – Paula Shugart. Trump requested her to extend his best regards to President Duterte,” President Duterte said.

“‘According to Ms. Shugart, US President Trump supports the Duterte administration and had requested her to relay this message to him,'” Duterte added.

As mentioned in Rappler, President Donald Trump used to own the Miss Universe Organization, which includes the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He sold it to the Agency WME/IMG.

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Rappler, Philstar